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My Family

12 февраль 2018, Понедельник

The family is a society in miniature,

on the integrity of which security depends

The whole of great human society. (F.Adler)

The family is the most important thing that exists in the life of every person. It is in the family that we learn to love, understand each other, take care of loved ones, forgive offenses, and respect the elders. Native people will always support in a difficult moment, help, in word and deed. People who love you will certainly be pleased with your successes and achievements, and even share with you the bitterness of failure, and it is so necessary: to know that you are not alone.

There are many different values in a person's life. And one of the most important values is the family.

Family - these are people who are connected by love and a common destiny. They can live in the same house or separately, but they often think together. They always understand and support each other.

My family is my mother, father, grandmother and my brother. We all live in the same apartment, but almost never quarrel. Only sometimes I quarrel with my brother, because he is small and constantly spoils my things, not knowing how to properly handle them.

Family is happiness, love and luck,

The birth of children, the first step, the first babble,

Dreams of good, excitement and awe.

Family is work, care for each other,

Family is a lot of homework.

Family is important!

Family is difficult!

But it's impossible to live alone!

Always be together, love cherish,

Insults and quarrels far away drive.

I want friends to talk about us:

How good your family is!

Mom and Dad work five days a week, I study, and my grandmother and my brother are at home. But we spend the weekend together. In advance, we decide what we will do. Usually one day we give common household chores, and then we go on a big walk. We go to the forest or park, in winter we go skiing or skating, and in summer we bathe or sunbathe, and sometimes we go for berries and mushrooms.

I'm infinitely happy that I have a real family and I really want to talk about my family. My family is always ready to support me in a difficult moment, my grandmother and mother give wise advice, and my uncle helps me to do my homework.

Every family must have traditions that are carefully preserved by all generations. In our family, for example, there is a tradition to gather in the evening at a table, but not just to dine, but to share with each other how the day went. In my opinion, this is very important, because modern people have so little contact.

Family traditions in my family are very important to me. One of the important traditions in my family is to get together and solve any family issues. This is not just a formality, but really important moments in life. Gathered together, we also feel the happiest moments. My family has its own habits, traditions and relationships. In my family, as in any other, there are conflicts and disputes. But they are peaceful in nature and only strengthen the strength of family foundations. Our family is our own separate world, a small planet where we try to preserve spiritual and moral values; all this creates harmony and peace in the family.

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