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Is it possible to combine orphanages and nursing homes in Kazakhstan?

Автор: Ziyada0800

The development of the social level of Kazakhstan is one of the most important actions that are carried out in our country. Including care and help for elderly who are in nursing homes and about children growing up in orphanages. The main goal of this research is to find out the state of people living in orphanages and nursing homes, comparing their emotional and mental state for the further association of these institutions. The study interviewed specialists from a narrow circle who specialize in the physical and emotional health of children and the elderly, as well as financiers to investigate the economic potential of our country. The results showed that orphanages and nursing homes negatively affect the condition of children and adults and confirmed the need for their integration. For instance, older people feel loneliness and lack of love in nursing homes, which leads to early death, stress, and psychological illness. And that’s why it’s worthwhile to conclude that special institutions for the joint residence of children and the elderly are needed
Nowadays, sociological problems are very common and therefore many are looking for a way out of such situations. In our country, the problem of orphanages and nursing homes has been facing for many years. Official sources claim that these institutions are underdeveloped and their inhabitants are underdeveloped. I have often heard about this problem. Just a few years ago, all the news shouted about the many killings made by graduates of orphanages and the quick death of the elderly who fell into the nursing home. There are several reasons why I became interested in this topic. The first is injustice, I often heard about the improper care of children and the elderly. Because of my age, I could not have changed anything, but from childhood, I was not left with the idea that they, already offended by fate, are subject to such conditions. The second reason is multi-member videos posted on the Internet. Old people and children look so miserable and sad that it becomes very pathetic. And the practice of combining nursing homes and orphanages has already been carried out abroad. And it certainly benefited.
In countries such as America, Norway, and Russia, this practice has already been carried out. Even in Kazakhstan, a possible connection was discussed. But due to ignorance of the final results, lack of proper research, this project was closed without starting. But undoubtedly the practice of other countries is positive. For example, in America, a film was made about children and adults who lived together for several months. Both psychologists and doctors supported the idea despite some risks. But the faces of old people who saw little kids changed in a second. They again sensed this feeling.
Therefore, we can be sure that this project will benefit our country, children under the influence of adults will not have psychological deviations, and adults will live longer and not be alone. On the one hand, this will help to develop the social-logical sphere of Kazakhstan, on the other, it will help to make us even a little more humane. Therefore, I believe that in the future the government will support this project, I believe that we will be able to make children and the elderly even a little happier. It is certainly difficult to say that there is no risk in this project. But we can, with the help of specialists, make it profitable for our country.
Novayagazeta(2013) article describes the orphanage as a disease and lists many of the disadvantages of this institution, as well as supporting the theory of the merger of orphanages and nursing homes. The main focus of this article is an adult individual person and in this case, it is unimportant whether the child is adopted or not. That is, the main need for childhood is someone who is nearby. According to ICD-10 (the international classification of diseases that Russia has been using for the past 10 years), it is called "developmental delay and emotional disturbances resulting from a deficit in individual relationships." In younger children, this condition is called a "violation of attachment.» (Dovbnya, 2013) .We can relate this to the fact that the union of orphanages and nursing homes will give children the person to whom they are attached, at least until they turn 3 years old. Studies conducted in Russia have led to the fact that orphanages especially incorrect education there may affect children's mental health. Children become aggressive and emotionally exhausted due to stress and pressure. If we consider the fact that many elderly people who already had experience in education would be next to them, the threat of mental illness would be reduced many times. An article in Novayagazeta (2013) examined the impact of orphanages on the condition of children and elucidated the reasons for the merger of orphanages and elderly homes that support the ideas of other sites.
Social information agency (2015) also consider combining orphanages and nursing homes. It cites Providence Mount St. as an example of such a site. Vincent in the United States, which accommodates 400 senior residents, as well as several dozen children who have become part of the International Learning Center (ILC) program. Social information agency(2015) studied the relationship between orphanages and nursing homes. For example, a study found that with the advent of children, older people stop feeling so lonely and children receive support and attention.“Such interaction will allow elderly people not only to feel needed and in demand but also to help them pass on their experience to the younger generation. Thanks to such meetings, children can perceive wisdom, knowledge, and virtues from the hands of people who have passed long, intense professional and life journey (Yana Lantarova, 2016). But this article, despite successful practice abroad, cites several possible threats that can affect children and elderly people. While researching the mental state of children, they came to the conclusion that children from children's homes have a lot of psychological illnesses, and combining these two institutions may cause problems with supervision on both sides. One of the problems of merging is also studied in this article, and this is the excessive attachment of children to the elderly. Why is this described as an issue? As a rule, older people live not so much, and also considering their stay in nursing homes their forty lives are minimal. Social information agency(2015) work contains information like is it acceptable to stimulate a child’s affection for an old person, if there is a high probability that the child will soon have to survive his death? Most likely, it is not necessary, because injures in orphanages are enough. Work from sverigesradio.se (2015)also confirms the above, Each fifth guest dies in a nursing home after its first month. This also describes that nursing homes and their current condition has a negative impact on elderly people. The Sciencedirect (2014) article explores the concept of the influence of various factors on the development of a child's personality and, for example, lack of care and resulting issues and effects. Using the Stockholm study, the article identified the causes of a high level of crime in children from orphanages. This paper shows the difference in children's behavior before and after entering foster families. For example, after the level of crime between kids from orphanages decreased. Also, this information may affect ti children's behavior in the future. Article from mix.tn (2018)includes information on an Evan Briggs film about growing up and aging. This work shows true elderly emotions and their relationship with kids. Before the children enter the room, the old people look half-dead, stay half-asleep. A completely depressing sight, and then the children come in for a lesson in art or music, or in order to make sandwiches for the homeless, well, or what other project do they have in this day and the elderly suddenly come to life, energy is in full swing from them! (Evan Brig,2018).
There are a few factors that Russian experts are preparing to execute the project. According to them, all children in orphanages and elderly people in nursing homes are very different targets, each of which has complex problems-psychological as well as physical ones. Work from telegraph.co.(2019) contains information that almost half of all elderly people in nursing homes are depressed, as revealed in a recent NHS survey, and most consider this disorder ' a natural part of aging .' Four out of ten people in nursing homes are depressed, while one in five elderly people living in their own homes suffers from this disease, with rates among older women being even higher. It means that with the help of kids elderly people will be less depressed and the rate of their death will be decreased. News.stanford.edu(2016) article proves that According to a recent Stanford study, as older adults contribute to youth health, it cultivates a sense of purpose and provides benefits in both ways. That kind of relationship is Important to society. We will help ensure children and adolescents receive the kind of treatment and mentoring we frequently lack

The purpose of this project work is to give basic and main information about orphanages and nursing homes in Kazakhstan. Also comparing the behavior and conditions of children and the elderly for further unification of these organizations. This research will focus on sub-questions such as   

  • How combining nursing homes and orphanages will affect their future health? 
  • Can the eradication of certain problems through unification cause other problems? 
  • Does the economy of Kazakhstan allow these organizations to unite, without harming both parties and the country's economy? 
  • These questions are directly related to the main issue and reveal the purpose of the work. 

Research is expected to have outcomes such as:  

  • Kids with adult guidance will grow up in a better atmosphere, be supported and advised 
  • Adults will be surrounded by joy and fun with young children which will affect their health and mood after.
  • Fewer society problems 

This paper about the association between orphanages and nursing homes contains several information collection methods. The retrieved information was taken from primary and secondary resources, which affected the quality and reliability of words. To a greater extent, the information was confirmed by specialists of this particular area, therefore, the possible inaccuracy and non-correctness significantly decreased. The main introductory information was taken from reliable resources, but since the problem of combining orphanages and nursing homes has already been investigated abroad, some information contradicted each other. Also, due to a large number of investigations in the social sector, it was difficult to find what is true. To avoid inaccuracy, all information was taken from reliable sources, educational, and government sites. 
 To identify the need and benefits of combining orphanages and nursing homes, public opinion is needed. But since in this situation the opinion of specialists is needed, I did not use the survey. Also, there are several reasons:
There are no orphanages in Aktobe and this problem is not common for our city. So most people don’t know about this situation. Accordingly, all the information that residents provide will not be delivered. 
To a greater extent, polls are perceived as something unnecessary, that is, it is difficult to rely on the opinions of other people without knowing its reliability I chose a more reliable way of collecting information - interviews.  
 Interviews are not only a more reliable method but also intended for a narrower circle, which in this experiment helped to understand more detailed information. The target audience is specialists in this area and the opinion of ordinary people aged 14-30 years. As mentioned above, the opinions of the people are important, but since polls are not effective interviews have become a more convenient way. Through interviews with ordinary people, you can find out what people of a given age think about this. Interviews were taken from 8 people, four of whom were specialists. All questions for different people differed from each other since the main task was to extract information from psychologists to obtain basic information, their questions were accordingly the most important. Questions for psychologists included the basic idea of orphanages and nursing homes (1 question), the peculiarity of children and the elderly that can affect their living (2 questions), and the benefits that these people bring to each other (2 questions). Questions for the ordinary people, respectively, included only their opinions on the existence of orphanages and nursing homes, as well as their integration. Questions for doctors and economists highlighted the children's health and monetary benefits of the project. 
 It was also important to interview the elderly because it was important to find out how the elderly feel and whether they are ready for such changes.
Reasons why the main audience is specialists:
This idea arises from the lack of assistance and amenities of orphanages and nursing homes for their residents accordingly, psychologists and doctors will be able to identify the health problems of these people and confirm the need for this project.
This combination can negatively affect the psychological and physical health of children and the elderly, to prevent danger, the opinion of these specialists is necessary. The main difficulty of interviewing was the lack of orphanages in Aktobe, and because of this, it was very difficult to contact anyone from the orphanage or to contact their representatives. Also, the difficulty was in ignorance of the ordinary population about the social perspective of this direction. But since with ordinary people, the situation was no longer formal, they felt more relaxed and free, that is why their opinions were read more easily.
This research was very valuable because all the information found was relevant and important. Studying children's homes, nursing homes, respectively, their nature and condition were found many nuances that needed to be considered more precisely for their subsequent integration. One of the most important investigations has led to the conclusion that both children and adults have many psychological illnesses, and unification in some cases would lead to different consequences. That is, with the help of one side it could hurt the other. But despite this, 87.5% of the people surveyed responded positively to this idea. The advantages of this consolidation are much more than some negative consequences, for example, excessive attachment.
The interview taken by psychologists is the main one and covers all important issues. Firstly, through an interview with psychologists, you can find out exactly why this unification is important. Psychologists believe that the unification of orphanages and nursing homes will positively affect the emotional state of both sides. Psychologists also believe that due to the fact that orphanages and nursing homes do not have enough love and affection, and this association could give all this. But on the other hand, in children's homes, the emotional intelligence of children is quite low and because of this, they may manifest aggression towards adults. Accordingly, the elderly would not be able to provide appropriate support. Also with the opinion of doctors, one of the main problems that have been raised in the context is the disease of children and adults. That is, some resources claimed that due to the unification, children and adults could infect each other with something. But the doctor completely denied these assumptions. Children and adults, before entering the orphanage and, respectively, the nursing home, are carefully checked and the likelihood that sick people will contact each other is zero. It is worth paying attention to an interview taken from an elderly person. His opinions and conclusions are also quite important. Most likely people of his age would also think so. An elderly person has expressed agreement with this union. And he agreed that orphanages and nursing homes leave not the best mark on the emotional state of both sides. Also, what is important is the opinion of financiers in this matter. They also supported this unification and commented on some of the nuances. Regarding the economy, I was worried about the question of the possible lack of benefits in consolidation and, in general, the impossibility of consolidation due to economic instability. But economists have also refuted this fact because, in the end, all significant costs will still be covered. The financier commented on how exactly the orphanages and nursing homes are financed and also expressed his consent to this unification. The only thing the financier expected was the possible difficulties due to the fact that this practice was not in Kazakhstan and especially in the Aktobe. And they cannot be completely sure that this project can be completed without risk. Due to the fact that the polls are not profitable, which was described in the methods, interviews with ordinary people were used. That is, I learned the opinion of the common people in a freer environment and, accordingly, which helped to find out the approximate opinion of an audience of this age. One out of three of these people expressed their disagreement. In his opinion, this merger could bring to the manifestation of violence and the need for due attention to both sides. The remaining two believe that this is a good idea, also referring to the emotional state of children and adults. In conclusion, many supported this idea and many expressed their opinion about the emotional and mental state of children and the elderly.
The following conclusions may be drawn according to each of the research questions. 
How combining nursing homes and orphanages will affect their future health?
Firstly, referring to the data obtained, we can conclude that the unification of orphanages and nursing homes undoubtedly affects the psychological state of children and adults. Using information taken from secondary resources, it was concluded that some points can adversely affect the psychological and physical condition of children and adults. Some doctors and psychologists believed that children and adults can infect each other with something else, as well as the early death of the elderly could also leave a lifelong imprint on the psychological state of children. But an interview with psychologists and doctors refuted our assumptions. Psychologists have concluded that the advantages of this unification are much greater, and new psychological emotions offset all the possible opposite effects.
Can the eradication of certain problems through unification cause other problems? 
Information from the articles made me think that some new changes could adversely affect the psychological state of children and the elderly. In a sense, the interview also confirmed these concerns. Firstly because of this merger, children could become too attached to the elderly. And according to statistics, after getting into a nursing home they do not live long. Therefore, many believed that it is not necessary from the very childhood to expose children to such psychological pressure. Interviews with psychologists did not confirm this, but in their opinion, this unification could lead to the rejection of both sides of each other. That is, children from orphanages are psychologically unstable, and old people without appropriate education would not be able to give the necessary communication to them.
Does the economy of Kazakhstan allow these organizations to unite, without harming both parties and the country's economy? 
Firstly, there was a suspicion that the economy of our country will not be able to support this idea. Because according to practice in Norway and the USA there were many difficulties and problems. Especially considering the fact that in our country there are problems with the financing of such institutions. With the help of research, it was concluded that financing of these institutions is carried out in several ways, including financing by businessmen and state assistance. but given that in the future all expenses will be covered (by combining the orphanages and nursing homes in the future will bring less loss)

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