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Разработка урока My new pet

Автор: Nurmukhamedova Gulnaz Orazovna01 351

Lesson plan

Theme: My new pet

Grade: 5 




1.to get acquainted with new grammar, vocabulary

2. to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading

3. to extend pupil’s knowledge of the world in which they live

4. to develop mental abilities (to be able to analyze, compare, contrast, memory, imagination, will power)  

The type of the lesson: mixed

The kind of the lesson: learner-centered lesson

Methods: explaining, question-answer, brainstorming, comparing, giving information, acting out and  vocabulary

Aids: flashcards, student’s book, cards, CD

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organizing moment 

Greeting, talking to the students on duty on date, date absentees, announcing the objectives of the lesson.

  1. Practice:

1). Warm-up:

1. Phonetic drill. The Ss listen to the words of parts of the body and repeat them after the speaker.

2. The Ss see the poster of an imaginary animal Cando, which they know from the previous lesson. The Ss are to write the parts of the body of this animal. 

  1. eyes
  2. teeth
  3. fingers
  4. wings
  5. legs
  6. feet

      2. Oral practice

  1. The Ss see the pictures of a cat and a dog on the board. They are to say what animals are they.

They are to say that these are pets. The Ss name other names of pets. The T asks what other pets do the Ss know.

  1. The Ss look at the pictures in Ss’ books at p. 76. They name other pets. 

  1. Listening.

The Ss listen to the tape. They are to guess what Flavio’s new pet is.


Game. Physical exercise.

The Ss work in groups. They are to walk around the classroom and to find the descriptions of their pets. 

  1. Grammar.

The T gives the cards with the grammatical rules for revision.

The Ss do grammatical task in the form of dominoes. 

  1. Speaking. 

The T gives each group pictures of different animals. The Ss are to write the descriptions of the animal. The other groups are to guess what animal is it. 

  1. Feedback.
  2. Summing up the results of the lesson. 

Giving marks. 

Giving the home assignment.    A.B. p.53, ex. 4-7.

Drawing conclusions.

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ФизикаДля 7-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
Математика (алгебра)Для 1-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
ХимияДля 7-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
БиологияДля 7-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
ГеографияДля 5-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
Английский языкДля 1-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
История КазахстанаДля 5-11 классов, 1-2 курсов Открыть
Для дошкольниковДля дошкольников от 4 до 6 лет Открыть

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