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Innovation technology

Автор: Mereke0669

Talk show is an innovative educational technology that forms general cultural and professional competencies, helps both beginners and experienced teachers to diversify the learning process, learn new active methods of teaching, playful, problem-debating and information-communicative technologies.
The purpose of the technology is to teach students to defend their point logically and demonstratively
view, position, opinion. At the same time,
another goal: to teach students in the discussion to make compromises solutions that satisfy
most members of the discussion group.
The basis of the discussion is the method
initiating discussion. Under the initiating discussion is meant a discussion artificially and skillfully managed by the instructor. Compulsory
an element of discussion is the training of students
setting up two sets of questions - "for clarification" and
"For development"; as well as problematic issues.
Technological chain of the talk show
1. The facilitator introduces participants to the topic of the talk show, presents the participants.
2. The facilitator recalls the rules of the discussion.
We respect each other with respect.
To speak out, we raise our hand.
The order of the speeches is determined by the presenter.
Our opinion or position is supported by facts, examples from life, literature, films, etc.
We recognize the right of everyone to have his own point of view, his own particular opinion.
Discuss points of view and views, not people
and personality.
3. The problem of discussion
4. The facilitator gives the floor to one of the participants in the discussion.
5. There is a discussion of the problem, guided by the questions of the facilitator. In the course of the discussion, a collective analysis of the situation takes place (identifying the subjects of the situation, analyzing their goals, motivating their behavior, identifying the problem or conflict, proposing solution hypotheses, analyzing the various options and ways to solve the problem, and finding the best possible solution to the problem).
6. Summing up the discussion [1]
Scenario of the workshop
Annotation: The proposed lesson is recommended for conducting in groups of the first year at a seminar session.
Lesson theme: "Talk show as an innovative method of teaching journalistic disciplines"
Lesson Type: Seminar
Primary goal:
-Explain the differences between talk shows and other television genres;
-Show the principles of organizing a talk show;
-Explain the process of developing and creating a talk show.
Developing objectives:
• expansion of the horizon on the topic
• development of intelligence (memory, attention, thinking, imagination)
• development of speech and culture of speech
Educational goals:
• development of work skills in the team, thinking.
• application of the studied lexical and grammatical material in new communication situations
 Educational purposes:
• development of a communicative culture of behavior and communication
• development of moral qualities (discipline, accuracy, conscientiousness)
• Creating a positive motivation for further study of the discipline
-activation of independent work;
-Introducing creative ideas;
-development of thinking;
-Preparation of a new television talk show scenario.
Visibility: whiteboard, multimedia equipment (projector, interactive whiteboard), handouts.
Organizational moment: to introduce students into the media environment, to create interest in the topic of the lesson and to motivate students for further educational activities
 Greeting, an emotional attitude to the class;
 Divide into groups;
 "Brainstorming" - "Talk show and its differences from other genres of television"
Consideration of new material:
 Dictionary work (types of talk shows, target audience, promotion of the topic in social networks, writing a talk show script)
 Group work in writing a new talk show script.
Talk show (from English talk show [tɔ: k ʃoʊ] - talk show) - a kind of telecast in which several invited participants conduct a discussion of the topic proposed by the host. As a rule, at the same time there are spectators invited to the studio. Sometimes spectators are given the opportunity to ask a question or express their opinion.
"The classic talk show is a triangle: the presenter is the invited interlocutors (experts) - the viewer in the studio. The talk show combines the techniques of journalism and stage techniques.
By classifying programs in the genre of talk shows, the theme was taken as a basis. Among the talk shows, the following genres are distinguished:
• Socially significant
The subjects of such programs are politics, economics, social life, etc. - that is, all the most relevant aspects of the life of society. Problems that are important for virtually all sectors of society, therefore, an advantage - a large coverage of the audience. The time for airing is usually evening, but from the fall of 2014 the first Daytime political talk show "Time Will Show" is released on Channel One, and from the spring of 2016, the program "The Meeting Place" is published on NTV. The host of such a talk show can not be a little-known spectator, the popularity should go beyond the scope of his talk show. Usually it is already having popularity and reputation of a well-known, authoritative, knowledgeable and erudite person. Often leading politicians, people from the sphere of art and culture become such leading figures. One of the vivid examples of this talk show is the "Theme" program
• Psychological
Topics related to the personal, as well as social spheres of life. The so-called "women's" themes: family, home, career, beauty, etc. For example, "Why did my husband leave?" - the reasons for divorce. Guests of such talk shows are almost always "ordinary" people, unknown, "people of the people", then their problem is understandable to the viewer, because in the minds of people the problems of "stars" are their whim, which means they can not be understood by simple people. The host, on the contrary, must necessarily be familiar and favorite for the audience, since the personal guest will not trust "to anyone." The target audience is limited, most often the viewers of such talk shows are women. The broadcasting time is usually daytime. To psychological are also talk-shows, whose task is to study human psychology, the analysis of character, personality, lifestyle of the program's hero. Guests of such programs can be both personalities public, and simply unknown people, interesting their actions, thoughts.
• Specialized
Talk shows with a permanent theme - health, cooking, children, etc. Such programs - a kind of "country of advice." In such talk shows, experts are of great importance, in whose role guests can also take part. For example, a health program can not do without qualified doctors; the program about children - without psychologists, teachers. The target audience is even more limited than the audience of psychological talk shows. The time of the broadcast is morning, daytime.
• Mixed events
The themes of such talk shows can be any of the above. But the reason for discussing a topic is usually some well-known recent event, from which, as a rule, the program begins and which dictates the choice of the topic. For example, a loud divorce of a "star" of show business (an event) - "how to survive a divorce" (discussed topic), elections to the State Duma (event) - "black" PR-technologies (discussed topic).
• Scandalous
The topics of such talk shows are acute life situations - betrayals, scandals, etc. If there are fights between the guests in the studio, then they are separated by security services of scandalous talk shows, and if bloody and protracted fights, then the help of security officers comes to the aid real protection. The time to go on the air is evening. Examples of scandalous talk shows: "Big jackpot", "Windows", "Let them talk".
Target group, target audience - a term used in marketing or advertising to refer to a group of people united by common characteristics, or united for any purpose or task. Common features can be understood as any characteristics required by the organizers (for example, working married women from 25 to 35 years old who wear glasses). The main property of the target audience from the point of view of advertising is that these people are more likely to be spectators.
Promotion-promotion of the goods, informing the consumer about its qualities. This is the surest way to convince a buyer to buy this product. It's safe to say that promotion is the most effective way to attract the attention of your target audience.
The staff of the talk show organization:
The creative staff, or the director-production group includes:
- the author of the script, the literary text, reprises, dialogues, the text of the leading, plot and figurative construction;
- the director-director who carries out detailed director's development and management of the production process;
- the choreographer-director who, working in close contact with the director-director, with the help of dance, pantomime, mass choreographic scenes, carries out the director's plan;
- the artist-producer, who creates a scenographic solution and carries out the author's and technical control over the execution of his idea;
- Head of the production section, engaged in the calculation of the necessary number of stage scenery and their production in accordance with the artistic and decorative decision of the artist's director;
- costume designer;
- Lighting artist, who carries out the lighting solution of the project and works in close contact with the director;
- sound engineer, who is responsible for the sound quality and the equipment of the necessary sound equipment;
The managerial staff can include:
-art manager or art director who selects performers, compiles an editorial sheet indicating the title of the work, authors of music and text, fills out the reports for the Russian author's society;
-director of the show program, engaged in organization and setting, defining technical and administrative tasks in accordance with creative tasks, and supervising their implementation;
-the main administrator working with the administrative staff, supervising the work of transport administrators, requisites, as well as being a financially responsible person and coordinating the work of subordinate administrators;
-PR-manager, carrying out the advertising campaign of the project in the mass media;
-commercial director, contracts with performers, artists, invited collaborators in the director's production group, firms - tenants of light, sound, stage equipment, producers of the decorative design of the show program, financial structures, etc.
Participants in a talk show can be divided into 4 types. How to identify this person and what he wants to hear ?!
Type 1 is a "red group of people". This is the leader.
Alpha leaders. Life priorities are power, money. You need to talk about the possibility of income and personal growth. With him you need to talk in "his language".
Type 2 is the "yellow group of people". These are teachers, doctors.
Their mission is to help people. The conversation should focus on the possibility of obtaining information on how to help people.
3 type - "blue group of people." They are creative people. Talk about the opportunities for communication. Man is a holiday. He constantly needs new acquaintances, communication.
4 type - "green group of people." These are people scientists. People of science. The person-analyzing. Proposal of his participation in the event in order to obtain from him good advice. They can give direction.
A person receives information on all channels available to him. But some of them are of a special nature for communication. This is, first of all, visual and verbal communication. Still Nietzsche in his aphorisms wrote: "People
freely lie with the mouth, but the erysipelas, which they at the same time writhe, nevertheless says
truth. "[3] These words are fairly accurately conveyed as autonomous
the nature of the transmission of information through the visual channel, and the fact that we do not
We are equally able to control the visual channel, as it is done with
channel verbal. According to researchers, 69% of the information,
read from the TV screen, is due to visual communication. In the framework of public relations it is necessary to remember this and dramatically increase its role in order to bring it out of the shadow. Knowledge of the body language is recorded all the time in
rules of conduct for Western politicians.
Mary Spillane builds a similar table (see page 305) of positive and
negative signals. At the same time, she mentions that she happened
analyze the general meeting of the BBC on videotape without sound
support. "And without words it was clear who respects whom, who hates whom, and to whom everything that happens is indifferent. Do you realize how many true feelings towards your colleagues you can have written on your face?"
Next: Watch the video
Task: to determine the signals between the participants in the talk show on announcements
The target audience
In the media audience, as a rule, people who are dissimilar in terms of socio-demographic characteristics are mixed up, and the only thing that keeps them together is the interest in this source of information.
The size of the audience is an indicator of the social significance and scale of the influence of a certain source of information. Conquering an ever wider audience for information sources is one of the important practical results of the state's outreach activities, various public organizations and citizens' associations.
One of the most important factors determining the qualitative characteristics of the audience is the level of education. It has a direct impact on the choice of the audience of a particular source of information, the degree of understanding and use of the content of the information offered. The criterion of education does not, however, have a universal character. It is differently refracted in various social conditions of this or that society.
Surprise in social networks
In different social networks different content is popular. The audience in Instagram, FaceBook and Vkontakte differs in age, sex, geography and social status. Accordingly, the interests and needs of users are also different.
The Instagram's audience is 79% female and 21% male, with an average age of 16 to 34 years.
In Instagram, people come for inspiration, so a beautiful picture is very important. It attracts attention, encourages the user to read the text and subscribe to the account.
Since the main part of the audience is young women, then their interests are corresponding: fashion, beauty, sports, children, health, career.
Great popularity is enjoyed by photographs showing everyday life, everyday routine, but at the same time beautiful. Users are happy to enjoy and comment on such posts.
The audience of Facebook is 58% of women and 42% of men.
Age category is from 25 to 50 years. Social status is above average.
Facebook is a favorite platform for professional communities, people of creative professions, designers, IT professionals. This societe is loved by entrepreneurs who use it as a platform for the exchange of professional experience.
Facebook audience - people are progressive, educated, follow trends in business and in fashion. They like to share information, not to be afraid to express their opinion, actively participate in the life of society and the country.
Therefore, in Facebook popular content on the political and social themes, author's comments on important information guides, recommendations and lifhakas on business development and career, on improving professional skills. Any articles that are of benefit will be received with joy by the audience: they will be shared, they will be commented on. It's good to make provocative the first paragraph and leave the question at the end of the post to involve users in the discussion.
In contact with
VKontakte registered 57% of women and 43% of men. The average age is from 13 to 34 years.
If on Facebook people come to talk on serious topics, discuss business problems, then on Vkontakte - chat with friends and relax: listen to music, watch videos, play games. This social network has many different features and functions, probably, that's why it is so popular among students and schoolchildren.
In addition to entertainment content, VKontakte is very popular with music and film collections, parables, quotes. Users of this social network also love the benefits, so do not forget about it when creating your publications.
Posts with external links are poorly indexed by an intelligent tape. Moreover, any user can turn off display of reposts in the settings of his page. Therefore, try not to make reposts or supplement them with your comments.
To make an effective post on VKontakte, publish light, nasty content, play games and make polls.
Group work
Task: Development of a new talk show (political and social)
Expected answers.
1 group (social talk show) 2 group (political talk show)
The name of the talk show: "Halyk Ainasy" The name of the talk show: "Sayasat"
Tasks: solve the problem of the protagonist, ask experts' opinions, show in the video story the hero's story, further actions to solve the hero's problem. Objectives: To discuss with the politicians a certain state-important program, to reveal the topic, to show the dignity and shortcomings of the program / law, to interview the residents about this program / law, to offer recommendations for improving the program / law.
Central Asia: from 18-55, education and social status does not matter. Central Asia: 25-50, politicians, law students, cultural figures. Higher education.
Promotion of the topic: for youth in VC and instagram (post about the hero and his problem, questioning among subscribers what is the correct decision in their opinion, a preview video) Promotion: Facebook
Post with information about the topic, a preview video, information about the program / law that will be discussed during the talk show, the opinion of the audience (survey).
Music (classics), video,
Color studio: red (strong-willed, life-affirming) or gray (does not cause irritation) sofas for participants, chairs for extras, lighting, location of cameras (operators) Political music at the beginning and end of the talk show. Color studio: colors that do not shake-blue, discreet colors-grayish-blue. Sofas or chairs for participants, a place for extras, lighting.
Requisites: booklets, leaflets about the program / law that will be discussed in today's issue.
Scenario Script
Assignment: task survey, assessment and reflection
 Interrogation of the group task
 Evaluation and recommendations of classmates (the score for each item of the task with the help of colored cards: the red card-task is not solved, the blue one needs to be supplemented, the green problem is successfully solved
 Reflection

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