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What is the level of gender inequality at work in Kazakhstan?

Автор: Botaaskarbek0179

“Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.” (Pope Francis 2008). Even though women have always worked, the economic role of women has focused mainly on mixing child-rearing and work. In low and middle-income countries there is the largest gap between genders. However, the cooperative work can be the only way to increase GPD of country, provided that government will support the idea of eradication of gender inequality and investment in girl’s education. In case women’s participation be fully equal to men’s, GDP growth will be 16% by 2025, meanwhile GPD without full women’s participation will be only 7% (McKinsey Global Institute, 2015).

The presented topic is significant for the future of women’s role in employment, society, political participation, despite it is discussed a lot. Watching the injustice among my relatives, due to the social preferences and gender asymmetries in education, I truly want to radically change the current situation in my country by analysing and reducing the reasons of economic issue. The main booster of choosing this topic was numerous statistics, articles, videos about unequal salaries, discrimination in a workplace, failed projects targeting gender equality.

Being the one from women community give me ability to be biased towards this issue, because it allows me to consider this topic from various perspectives and discover the problem deeper than men, who will be faced with difficulties.

Project can be useful for people, who need information about the current situation of gender inequality in Kazakhstan and their causes. With the help of the evidence and data, specialists, people interested or working in companies, offices etc. could address the problem in small regions, like workplace. Moreover, this research can be beneficial to Kazakh woman, who is interested in the level of gender inequality and avoid possible threats.

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