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How to reduce stress in teenagers?

Автор: zhanerkes0133

“Stress is the body's reaction to harmful situations” (Marks, 2021), which experiences by everyone in daily life, but is most common among teenagers due to rapid changes in their life and their strong and deep perception of the situations at their ages. The widespread reasons for it are school pressure, exams, future career decisions, financial concerns for their family, bullying and conflicts with parents or friends. Stress is an actual and important problem to them due to long-term stress, which causes many problems that might lead to serious health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc. Moreover, the results of the survey done by the American Psychological Association for the Stress in America Survey (2017) show that teens have the same level of stress as adults or even higher, also they do not correctly identify their stress level as unhealthy, so, skip the time to visit the specialist and underestimate the consequences of it, therefore, that means that this problem exists among teenagers and most of them experience bad stress and are not even aware with the effects of it. It makes the research more significant, because it can help teen-aged people to correctly identify the harmful stress and reduce the amount of stress in order to avoid long-lasting effects of it like health diseases. I want to choose that theme and search for it, because I and my peers experienced it in our lives and my research could help us to reduce the level of stress by possible solutions that I will find in my work. In addition, I know and understand that not everyone in our age can fully recognise the signs and symptoms of harmful stress and are aware of the consequences of it, so my future research might help them to prevent that problem by determining the harmful stress in the beginning steps of it. Moreover, I want to define the positive sides of stress too, which could be useful during some activities or in the future and show it to my peers. Some of them are raising concentration and focus on work such as exams and developing a valuable skill - stress tolerance to use in live situations. Although, my research theme is important to be investigated to the people, because it relates and connects with health and could be very helpful to prevent and reduce many illnesses and diseases of teenagers.

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