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How we can make energy more available in Kazakhstan?

Автор: Iskander091

The economy is developing, the population is growing, the amount of equipment used is increasing - electricity consumption is naturally becoming more. However, if over the past few years, the annual increase was predictable, then this year much more electricity is consumed.
This process will continue. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the energy deficit.

Of course, the sharp increase in energy consumption was the result of the recovery of economic activity after last year's lockdowns. But the arrival of digital currency miners in the country also played a significant role.
Despite the increased load on the electrical system of Kazakhstan, there is also a benefit from miners: firstly, budget revenues, and secondly, the opportunities to reduce tariffs.

In the meantime, Kazakhstanis are feeling the first signs of an energy shortage, and power outages have already begun. The first is the most important life support facilities, for example, hospitals. The second is the objects related to economic security, these are those organizations for which the technological process may be disrupted during a power outage. The third is all the others. Objects of the first and second categories are not turned off, so all the charms of energy deficiency were felt by those who belong to the third, including ordinary consumers. However, mining farms also belong to the third category. Note that some experts suggest disabling miners in the first place.

The factor that motivated me and foreboded to research this topic was my personal experience. To be more precise, around one year ago, me and my uncle were faced with mentioned obstacles, when I was in my village and unfortunately, the work of our farm just stopped by this for 2 months. Like other people, my uncle was needing help from the side of the government. But the authorities did not take our request into their consideration. So, eventually, my uncle with his neighbors bought a generator of electricity for million tenges. After this case, I had the interest to find why is it so challenging to solve this moment, after facing it for such a long period, especially, when it is all about small and medium businesses of people?

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