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Digital inequality in Kazakhstan

Автор: Azat Zhomartov0109

This research paper examines ways to address unequal access opportunities for digital gadgets and Internet in Kazakhstan. These days, the digital gap among citizens of Kazakhstan is growing every year. To prevent the growth of this problem in our country, it is needed to find out the reasons, possible solutions and consequences of the introduction of equal opportunities for all residents of Kazakhstan in accordance with the principles of the SDGs. The information was gathered by using quantitative method: a survey(59 participants).In the course of the study, the ways to solve the problem were found out: providing a low-cost, high-bandwidth Internet service, educational pathways to use the Internet and other digital technologies, high level of technical assistance. And perhaps in the future, high-quality digital gadgets and Internet- connection will become available to every resident of Kazakhstan. The collected data will be useful in the future to solve problems related to the level of digital inequality in Kazakhstan.

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