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How does alcohol affect neurodegenerative diseases?

Автор: Аружан Казбекова0103

As a person's average life expectancy increases, the number of illnesses connected with ageing rises. Neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) are one of them. They are a form of sickness that is incurable and advances rapidly. These illnesses are lethal, and millions of people die each year throughout the world as a result of them. There is presently no cure for this sickness, which makes it much more fatal because it is permanent.

One of the most important factors in the course of such diseases is a lifestyle, and understanding how alcohol impacts this type of illness might assist in its prevention or treatment. For the time being, getting a better knowledge of NDDs might significantly benefit studies in the sector. To put it another way, it has the potential to save a large number of people, both those who are sick and those who are not.

In this research work, the problem associated with the awareness of people about the connection between alcohol consumption and the functionality of the brain is discussed. For establishing the link between alcohol and the progression of neurodegenerative diseases the animal and cell experimental works of scientists were analysed.

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