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Malnutrition among teenagers and children

Автор: Алихан Муханбет099

This research paper tells about hunger among children and adolescents living in Afghanistan. Every day this issue poses a further threat. The death of millions of children and adolescents is connected with this issue and therefore is one of the urgent problems that need to be solved. Since this is a very large-scale problem, it is very difficult to find solutions. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to consider the causes and consequences of this problem. During collecting information, I decided to conduct a survey. In this survey, 52 people left their opinion about the starvation in Afghanistan among children and teenagers. The study revealed possible consequences of these problems: an increase in the number of deaths among the younger generation, the incidence of diseases, etc. Having discovered these consequences, I want to convey to the population that this problem is much more dangerous than we imagine, and I want all children to be provided with enough food. I am sure that the collected data will help to attract the attention of the population to this problem and solve it.

Key words: hunger, teenagers, children, Afghanistan, the impact of hunger, diseases, causes of hunger in this country

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