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Domestic Animals Protection

Автор: Khankeldi0112

In the modern world, the bill of rights is highly valued, human rights watch and human rights defenders are awake every second, clearly stipulating the rights and freedoms of every other person. So each individual and community are highly aware about his, her and their rights and freedom to the point where they can practice them [rights] without violating other people’s freedom. This study is aimed at identifying people's awareness of the rights and freedom of animals, those who cannot independently defend their rights to a favorable life and safety. There has been a raging debate and disagreement on whether animals have rights or not. But recently, the Kazakh government, with a long-time request from animal rights activists, adopted a new law on Responsible Treatment of Animals. It is worth noting that in 2020, more and more particularly cruel cases of animal abuse, including pets, began to be detected in Kazakhstan. For instance, the loudest one was on June 1, a video appeared in which a man clamped the dog's head with a metal refrigerator door and stood on it with his feet. Volunteers rescued the dog, and the police detained the man (Smaiyl, 2020, June 18). I employed a quantitative method: survey (67 respondents) to see if people are familiar with the law. The findings offer insights into how the new Animal Protection law can change people’s attitude towards animals in Kazakhstan. 

Keywords: animal welfare, law, rights, pets, cruelty.

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