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Direct approach

Lesson plan

Method/ approach: Direct Method

Classroom description: elementary level, 12-13 years, 6th grade

Duration: 45 minutes

Theme: everyday activities, common verbs. 

Aim: To use language in real life. To experience culture. 

Objectives: To be able to talk about typical day in life. 

Materials: the texts, worksheets, flashcards, pictures, the map

Assessment/feedback: make students to self-correct, praise after right answered questions. 

Lesson procedure:






3 minutes


Conclude previous lesson, quickly recall;

Declare today’s lesson.



Make students to feel comfortable

5 minutes

Showing flashcards with new action verbs and phrases

Flashcards, pictures

Ask learners to read new words aloud, then to repeat after teacher 3 times.

To learn new vocabulary

10 minutes

Fill in the blanks


Teacher gives papers to the students, learners should complete the gaps. Then students read results out loud, teacher make students to self-correct

Teach grammar in inductive way. Self-correction

15 minutes

Conversation Practice


Students make dialogues about daily routine using new phrases and verbs. Teacher helps them

To develop speaking skills

9 minutes

Map drawing

Adapted for students map of the USA

Teacher asks questions about today’s topic. Students reply all together. Teacher moves one step in the map after each right answer until they reach the finish line. Each step is one of the popular cities of the USA.

To consolidate the acquired knowledge;

To learn about geography of English-speaking country;

To engage students to learn.

3 minutes



Summarizing the lesson;

Giving homework.

To conclude the lesson;

To engage students at home.

Home task: to prepare speech about typical day. 

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