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How teenagers became slaves to nicotine addiction?

Автор: Serikbay_Arsen0107

Today, health is the main value of a person and is the main condition of a complete life.  All over the world, smoking is seen as an antisocial habit; millions of people are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking. Many people believe that you can smoke cigarettes and not become dependent.  However, the majority of teenagers who use cigarettes will get addicted.  Three out of every four teenagers who started smoking in high school will continue to do so as adults. Each person reacts differently to this addiction and habit.  But the bottom line is the same, and it has a bad effect on health.  And when a still developing teenager has this addiction, this is a serious problem. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience, many teenagers fall under the hidden advertising of tobacco corporations or under the influence of surrounding people who have already become addicted.  So he begins to smoke, chew, steam, or another way of using. This study on nicotine addiction among adolescents was conducted using several data sources.  A small survey about this topic is used as a primary data source, and various articles and magazines from the Internet are used as secondary data sources.  According to the results of the survey, a large amount of information was collected that gives a clear idea of the problem.  The main points are that many people do not use tobacco products, most people start their bad habit before adulthood, most of all they start it for relaxation, many smokers have only thoughts about the fight against smoking, many know smoking teenagers, this action is more antisocial than vice versa, smoking friends are one of the main factors of this problem and people believe that anti-smoking therapy should help solve this problem. According to all the above facts, the answer to the research question is a teenager under the influence of smoking friends and hidden tobacco advertisements in the scenes of the film and because of inexperience and lack of knowledge, using a tobacco product spoils his health and the drug as nicotine makes the body dependent on such substances.  Thus, he constantly needs additional portions of nicotine and cannot cope with it.  A person cannot immediately quit this habit, as he gets relaxation from it.  Without outside help, it will be difficult for a person to solve his problem.

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